Sky Energy
Renewable Energy Soiutions

Sky energy for renewable energy is a Jordanian company founded in July-2015 and licensed from The Ministry of Industry under number (38918). It provides energy services and solutions in the field of renewable energy systems with the highest standards in different regions of Jordan under the rules of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law that was passed in 2012 by The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.                             

 From this standpoint the company's vision was to spread green energy awareness , provide the latest technologies with the highest specifications  and facilitating financing option for everyone by a group of engineers, experts and supervisors.                           

Sky energy company’s vision is to power the world using only renewable energy sources having a group of dreamers work together to change the world and build a better tomorrow.      

  • project assessment 
  • proper study preparations 
  • professional implementation on time 
  • provide financial solutions for projects 
  • provide long term warrantees and support